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LG G5 rumour roundup

It’s been apparent for a while that you don’t really have a product to release if there aren’t leaks of it before you’re ready to announce. This time it was LG’s turn with the up and coming LG G5, due to be announced on Feb 21 (the

Android Turing Phone now with less Android

I have a thing for the weird and occasionally wonderful. The Turing Phone sits in the first category, and I am sincerely hoping that it will fall into the second category. Google, and by extension, its Android partner ecosystem weren’t afraid to try new things in the

Mobile Phone sales compared for 2015/6

In the last week or so we’ve seen a number of different companies release their 2015 sales figures.  Any guesses who was the highest selling manufacturer of 2015??  Read on and all shall be revealed… Perhaps the biggest, or at least most cited, story last week was

Google updates its Now Weather app

To be honest, Google Now just sits in the background of my phone, and it’s one of those features I forget is even there sometimes. Until I get a notification that is, and realise what a really useful app it is. Well, Google has announced that the company

Google handed $1 billion to Apple for search provider privilege

Further embarrassing news for Google today following our earlier story revealing just how much Android makes. Today Bloomberg reports that Google paid $1 billion in 2014 to ensure that they were the default search provider on the iPhone and iPad. It seems that the deal was done

Heard it on the grapevine. The Huawei P9, won’t you be mine.

Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei (which is the parent company of the Honor brand) continues its stride and for world dominance (in the phone world that it is), with the company’s latest device – the P9. Leaks now contain further detail, including pictures and information on a “Lite”

Oppo release the F1

ohere at the mighty Coolsmartphone a number of us have had Oppo devices. Generally they are well received (just have a search through the site to see how much interest this manufacturer has generated). Oppo have now announced a new device – the F1. If the specs

Goodbye Moto G and E

Here at Coolsmartphone we universally loved the Moto G. It was our go-to phone when we were asked “What’s a decent inexpensive Android phone ?” I think that all of us here have owned at least one. Well yesterday Chen Xudong, Lenovo’s Mobile head honcho, was interviewed and

Nexus 6P now in gold

Cast your mind back dear reader to last year. To a time when the pre-release leaks of Google’s next flagship device(s) were hitting the interwebs. Included in those pictures was a Nexus 6P in an awful gold option. Luckily though it wasn’t among the colour options offered

ASUS ZenFone Zoom finally launching in February

Last year at CES 2015 Asus announced a new smartphone that will “redefine your expectations of smartphone photography”. The ZenFone Zoom ran Android 5.X Lollipop and should offer some great photo capabilities. The closest the Coolsmartphone team came to it was the device in a glass display case, and it wasn’t

Honor to launch in the US next year.

Don’t know who Honor are? For one they are the company that pinched our own James Pearce, secondly they are part of the phone manufacturer Huawei. They’re based more on-line than having retail outlets, but they’re still able to supply high spec’d devices with reasonable price tags.

Huawei Mate 8 specs released

In November, Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei announced their highest specced phone to date, the upcoming Mate 8. On-paper specifications do look mighty impressive. The Huawei Mate 8 is now available for sale, with the promise of better performance and battery life. The device features the new Kirin

Apple releases iPhone battery case

The achillies heel of the modern smartphone is battery life, hence the multitude of battery packs and third-party battery boosting cases flooding onto the market. It’s solved a problem, but you’ve had to get that solution from elsewhere. Now Apple has finally decided to step into the

OnePlus X – Unboxing

Have you been thinking to yourself, “It would nice to have a handset that didn’t require a backpack or a monolithic battery”? I had the thought occur to me the other day but then instantly dismissed it as nonsense and told my brain to behave itself. Of course

Samsung announce the 2016 Galaxy A range.

Today Samsung announced the details and specs of the 2016  Galaxy A series range of devices. They will be coming in three screen size options: 5.5-inch for the A7, 5.2-inch for the A5 and 4.7-inch for the A3. Equipped with an enhanced camera system for brighter and

SIM unlocking – the easy way

If you’re looking to get a phone for someone this Christmas then you may have already had a read of our how-to. It details the best way to switch contracts. However, if you want to get yourself a SIM-only deal and carry on using your existing phone,

Online, offline, iMend now does a walk-in service too

This weekend, apart from getting stupidly drunk in my local (I’d like to apologise right now to everyone), I went to several local shops. During my walk around it kinda hit me just how lucky we are to have all these businesses on our doorstep. I got

Samsung pay coming to UK

Samsung pay, which is the company’s mobile payment system, is reportedly coming to the United Kingdom, China and Spain in the first quarter of 2016. Currently only limited to a number of handsets, Samsung Pay, has not been as big as Apple Pay to date. However, one

Nexus 6P camera glass cracking

First it was Bendgate, now it’s Crackgate. More supposed tales of woe to hound the new Nexus 6P flagship. Some users are reporting that the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 panel that sits in front of/protects the camera is spontaneously cracking. It appears that this piece of glass

My smartphone broke! Call an ambulance!

This one was sent to us by Peter. Thanks fella. Don’t forget, you can send in your tips to us right here. To be honest we’re not totally sure if this is a marketing stunt or a real, actual service. It’s a miniature ambulance that comes to