Pocketalk Has Launched An App Version Of It’s Translator

Back in March I reviewed the Pocketalk S Plus Translator which can seen here which I was mightly impressed with. Now Pocketalk,  who are a leader in real-time language translation technology, is launching its first mobile app on 6th September 2022, offering affordable, fast and reliable two-way translation on phones or tablets.

The cloud-based Pocketalk App utilises the best language translation engines in the world to translate 82 languages, ideal for holidaymakers and globetrotters alike.

Easy to download on any iOS or Android device for just £2.50 monthly or £25.50 annually, it provides subscribers access to the most accurate conversational translations, including local slang.

The app is incredibly easy to use; just select the language you want to speak in and language you’d like to translate to, hold down “translate” and speak to activate. The app will translate to text as you speak.

Additional app features include:

  • Text-to-translate camera, which allows your phone or tablet camera to instantly recognize and translate digital text, written words, and signs
  • Conversion feature, which computes exchanges for currency, length, width and temperature

The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play from 6th September