Got an LG G4 that reboots by itself? Here’s how I fixed mine.

Over the last year or so I’ve got to like the LG kit. I mean, don’t get me wrong. They’ve not paid me anything to say this. Sure, we love the LG Watch Urbane and we ased to borrow one. Didn’t get a response though. We also loved the Urbane Watch LTE but.. we couldn’t get hold of one of the those either.

So, I went out and got me an LG G3. We reviewed one back in 2014 and I loved how close the screen was to the edge of the front. It meant that you could use it one-handed – and that’s with a 5.5″ screen.

Anyways. I upgraded recently to the LG G4 but then… problems started. It started rebooting as and when it felt like it. I detailed in this earlier story. There’s a number of suggested fixes and there’s even a petition on t’internet because the problem seems to be pretty widespread.

Got an LG G4 that reboots by itself? Heres how I fixed mine.

After a bit of digging, I found that the issues seemed to relate to the 505 model that I had. Whilst a petition seemed like a good way of raising awareness, I figured I’d just contact their support people. I’ve got to admit, it’s the first time I’ve actually sent a new(ish) phone back to the manufacturer to get fixed, and I have to give LG Support some serious credit. They were incredibly friendly, helpful and speedy. They sorted a courier to come and collect the phone, they worked on it for 4 working days and now it’s back in my hand. The phone has apparently had a “replacement mainboard” but I’ve now got me a 509 model (these three-digit codes are the from the start of the serial number) with a whole new IMEI too. Here’s the details of the fix after the phone was couriered back to me…

Got an LG G4 that reboots by itself? Heres how I fixed mine.

Everything now works fine. So, if you’re having problems with your LG G4 rebooting, get in touch with their support people and they’ll be happy to help.