Sony Z2 and Tablet Z2 hands-on

A little while ago I was lucky enough to get the chance to have a quick play with the Sony Tablet Z2, the Z2 and have a look at the new Smartband and here are my impressions.


The phone has a nice feel to it, very similar to the Z1 in size, the differences aren’t really noticeable in comfort in the hand or feel. However the big difference is the screen, the colours are much more vibrant on the Z2 compared to the Z1 and the viewing angles are vastly improved, so rather than having a white tinge to the screen when not looking straight at the phone, it stays crisp and clear.

Sony Z2 and Tablet Z2 hands on

The Sony Z family – from left to right Z2, Z1, Z, Z1 compact

Sony also had the Z2 linked up to a Playstation 4 on a Bravia screen to show off the second screen technology. It was purely a tech demo with some cute little white robots but showed where Sony are heading with the single ecosystem and it was very quick to add extra objects for the robots to play with, just by drawing them on the Z2 and flicking it onto the screen.

Sony Z2 and Tablet Z2 hands on

The following photos were all taken on a Z2, and transferred over to my phone. I didn’t take all of them but they show pretty good details and colours.

Tablet Z2:

The Tablet Z2 seemed pretty neat and even lighter than the original tablet Z, possibly too light to have a decent feel in the hand. Having said that the screen is very nice and the tablet is very responsive. Below are a few pictures of the tablet, including some of it underwater (just because you can). You can see an unboxing of the tablet Z2 from Garry here and read his first impressions of the device here.


Whilst I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of this or see it in action I did get to try it on and it is very comfortable. Apparently the Core will come packaged with a Smartband in a range of sizes (S,M,L) and colours. The bands will also be available separately.

The gallery below is a selection of other shots I took of the Z2.

I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play with them a bit longer and I’m now leaning towards the Z2 as my upgrade, even if it is delayed.