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Live From ThreeMWC Event London

We are Live at the ThreeMWC event here in London bringing you news and any announcements as they happen plus plenty of photos and other content ThreeMWC Event

MWC – Orange Santa-Clara – Up close

The Santa Clara is, it turns out, just a codename at the moment. So perhaps, just perhaps, it might appear as the Orange London we thought it would? Powered by a rather rapid Intel Atom Z2460 1.6GHz CPU, this has 16GB of memory, HD voice, NFC, 1080p HDMI …

MWC – Orange to release Intel’s Santa Clara

Remember the Orange London we mentioned a short while back? Well, it turns out that this is real after all. It’s had a slight name-change, but the Intel innards are right there. The Orange Santa Clara will use an Intel Atom Z2460  CPU and will feature a fast …

Just what is the Orange London?

OK, we’ll ask the question. After trawling the web for literally minutes and hitting lots of nothing we’re a bit puzzled by the Orange London. The shot above was sent in by Simon Hardy, who was presented with the info after completing a survey.. As an Orange customer, …

Hands-on LG Prada pictures

LG have just finished announcing the Prada 3.0 handset to the world here in London and we have a first hands-on look at this new device running on the Android OS.

LG Prada 3.0 Announced

Today LG and Prada announced the all-new Prada 3.0. It’ll be available in South Korea and Western Europe to begin and you should start seeing it in January 2012. Pricing is to be confirmed locally from networks. Running Gingerbread, the Prada 3.0 has 8GB memory, a 4.3″ screen …

New LG Prada Phone

We have been invited along to London this Wednesday by the team at LG. The swanky event takes place at Claridges to launch a new Prada Phone by LG 3.0 The internet is full of rumours that this will be running Android and there’ll be some really impressive …

HTC announce Titan and Radar devices.

We’re here at the big summer HTC event in London at the moment. We’ve already had lots of hands-on time with the Titan and Radar handsets but, just to give you a feel of the event itself, here’s a collection of shots from the event itself 🙂

Live at the HTC Launch

Recorded live, we broadcast this just a few moments ago. Dive in for the live launch of HTC’s two new handsets.. Live video for mobile from Ustream

HTC London Event – Tune in here for full coverage

It’s that time of year again. HTC are gearing up to another pretty massive launch down in London. This time Facebook reveals that the event will have a Twitter hash-tag of #HTCQB, but that probably just means “HTC Quietly Brilliant”. Gah… HTC aren’t giving much away, but we’ll …