HTC announce Titan and Radar devices.

We’re here at the big summer HTC event in London at the moment. We’ve already had lots of hands-on time with the Titan and Radar handsets but, just to give you a feel of the event itself, here’s a collection of shots from the event itself :)

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Hands On With HTC Titan
  • gR

    Really disappointed with the releases, for the 1st time in almost 10 years I’m going to buy a non HTC device.

    • What sorta device would of ticket your boxes? I think the releases look pretty good. Huge screen, decent looking devices, along with a hardware keyboard if that floats your boat!

      • gR

        Hardware keyboard would be nice but I don’t see one on the new devices.  I want a front facing KB device ala Blackberry, I know the ChaCha has that but I want this for work so A. I don’t need/ want all the social media integration and B. I don’t want a phone that looks like it’s aimed at 12 year olds but most of all I don’t want touch screen.  Now even BB are sticking touch screen on their premium QWERTY.

        The two new device are too similar IMO to whats out all ready, Radar = Trophy and Mozart.  Titan = HD7.

        • gR – valid points.

          In the photos in the post above there is a device with a keyboard on it? Which device is that?