Xiaomi. Sure, you can’t pronounce it, but there’ll be a shop here soon.

So, they tell me that I should pronounce Xiaomi as “show me” and indeed, whenever we watch a press release, we hear them say, “Shaw-mee” or “Sho-me”.

Now you know. However, apart from our Xiaomi coverage, you’ve probably only become aware of the brand if a friend or colleague has imported one.

Now, though, it looks like there’s going to be a store in Shepherds Bush opening up. James Franks emailed us in after noticing this job advert on Indeed.com. The advert is asking for skills in ..

Smart Phones
Consumer Electronics

..and pays up to £10.50 per hour. There’s then My Tech Retail / Xiaomi showing as the employer. So, it looks like Xiaomi are about to make a bigger push into the UK market. Mi Band 2, VR headsets and phones like the Redmi 6, the Mi Mix 2 and perhaps even vacuum cleaners like the Roidmi. Who knows.