Samsung Galaxy Note9 – Also available from…

Last week we gave you all the details of the new Samsung Galaxy Note9. We also told you that it is available on Sky Mobile, Three and from EE (along with the Galaxy Watch). However, there’s other places you can get it too, and we’ve had a few emails from the competition…


They will be stocking the Galaxy Note9 completely unlocked. Head to their website for details. The network runs on O2 masts and has won the uSwitch Network of the Year award for six consecutive years running. Both the Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB and 512GB will be available to buy online upfront or through monthly instalments.

It launches on August 24th and will be available from giffgaff the next working day. You then just add the required goodybag. For data fans there’s…..

£20 = 20GB of data as well as unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.
£25 = ‘Always On” goodybag. With Always On* you’ll always have data!

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB version is £899, so it works out at £53.39 over 24 months after a £25 up front fee. Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB version is £1,099, so that’s £63.31 monthly with the same up front cost and term.

Virgin Mobile

Running on EE masts, you get a guaranteed £200 cashback when any old handset is traded in. That’s £200 on top of the usual trade-in price. Virgin Mobile is offering the Note9 from just £37 a month with no upfront cost. If you’ve got cable TV with them then you can grab their “Truly Unlimited” package from £56 a month with no upfront cost.

The network is also offering double data on their 10GB plan so customers can get 20GB instead.

Available in Ocean Blue and Midnight Black, their flexible plans come with data roll over and data-free WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as standard.

Head to the Virgin Mobile site for more info.