An article about the LG G7 ThinQ that we’re going to try and pad out

When you get emails from PR teams with a fairly important bit of information, you tend to think, “Oh hey, we need to mention that”, but when that bit of info is fairly brief, you have to add a bit of “filler”.

That’s what we have here.

So, ultra-quick re-cap. Picture the scene. There we are, in February, in Barcelona, floating around on our Coolsmartphone Yacht, trying to figure out why the on-board water tastes so funny. Then, out of no-where, the LG G7 pops up on the LG stand at Mobile World Congress. We’re scratching our heads, because there’s been no announcement. They literally just whacked it on their stand and then, in our imagination, an LG staff member said, “Ta-daa!” in a fairly quiet voice.

It was all a bit nuts.

A few hours later, the phone disappears.

Then, all the specs leak all over the place and, by the time of the official launch on May 3rd, everybody and his mother knew what to expect.

Now, one thing we didn’t actually know, is the fact that it’s going to be available to actually buy in a few days time. May 31st right here in the UK according to the lovely LG HR person.

So, if you want one and you’ve waited patiently since February, you can now actually buy the thing. Yaa….

OK, we apparently need a bit more “filler”. So… ermmm… what did you guys think of the Royal Wedding eh? Good wasn’t it? I went to the pub to watch it. Got there at noon, then we all sat around a table in the sun and watched in on my phone. Got to say, 4G and BBC iPlayer did fantastically well. Just imagine how much data was flowing through those BBC servers. Bonkers. Anyways, I had a few beers, then a few more, then it got a bit blurry, so I might watch it back later to see what actually happened.

Right. I’ve padded that one out amazingly. Rock on!