MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

So with MWC 15 having drawn to a close last Thursday, I have recovered enough to get my thought rallied into some sort of order. I want to have a look back and have a think about my top 3 things that I saw at Congress.

The list may surprise some and those of you who are regular readers it will not.

1. Best tablet from show.

MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

This is a tricky one for me as my heart says the Sony Xperia Tablet Z4 as it is a beautiful thing and it answers a yearning I have had for a while with the keyboard. The price is ridiculous though.

MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

However my wallet is saying  Nokia N1, this too is a gorgeous design and it is pure Android. The problem is it has not been officially released to the UK yet and it has no SD card support which is a must. It is a tie for me.
Xperia Z4 Tablet/Nokia N1

2. Best Wearable

Even though it was not at the show it has to be the Pebble Time MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

It was then made better with the announcement of the Pebble Time Steel which has been promptly ordered. The Swarovski Shine Energy Crystal Concept was a close second but again it is still vapour-ware so it cannot count really.

Pebble Time Steel

3.Best phone

Whilst most people will screaming from the rooftops about the Galaxy 6 edge phone at the show.
MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

For me it wasn’t the best phone at the show. It is a hard one to choose as I saw lot of phones that are not coming to the UK or haven’t been confirmed yet. I really liked the Miezu MX4 Ubuntu Edition.

MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

It was the feel of the design and the fact that it was going to be bringing a new OS into the mix which genuinely looks to be a real power house as well.

Miezu MX4 Ubuntu Edition

Runners up/Honourable mention’s

There were so many other great things at the Congress such as the Hocoma Voledo which will help improve your back health through gaming. (Review coming soon).
MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

The Saygus V2 phone that will take 400 GB of SDXC cards and can stream content over Wi-Gig.MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

SanDisk for the release of their 200 GB SDXC card.
MWC – My top 3 things (Garry)

All of these things were amazing but just not quite good enough to make the best of cut.

For all the details of the above products please do check out our hands on article from #MWC15