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The weird weekend – VK700x smartphone gets used as a hammmer

I’ve decided, after receiving quite a lot of “random” email, to start a new feature which includes some of the strange, slightly confusing and usually part-Chinese emails that I receive. What exactly I’m going to call this feature, I’m not sure, so for now it’s, “Weird Weekend”. It …

UMI launch a smartphone for around £100 featuring the USB Type-C port

Looking for a phone that looks suspiciously like several others (but you can’t quite put your finger on which one). Check out the UMI Hammer S, a “rugged” smartphone which really doesn’t look rugged at all. It’s now shipping and only costs $159.99, which is just over £104. …

HTC One X – Hammer time

The usual warnings apply here. Don’t try this at home kids. If you have, and smashed something or hurt yourself, don’t go running to those “No win, no fee” lawyers expecting a big pay-out just because there wasn’t something saying, “Do not use as a hammer”. OK?