HTC One X – Hammer time

The usual warnings apply here. Don’t try this at home kids. If you have, and smashed something or hurt yourself, don’t go running to those “No win, no fee” lawyers expecting a big pay-out just because there wasn’t something saying, “Do not use as a hammer”.


Google v Microsoft...and the wars go on
Carphone Warehouse selling the Nokia Lumia 710 at a bargain price
  • SK

    I guess he wants a Galaxy S3 instead :-D

  • what exactly would compel you to even try this?!?!?

  • Nick G.

    Some people try too hard for their 15 minutes of fame… 

  • Anonymous

    And yet my first One X had two light but long scratches on the screen from being my a pocket in my rucksack and my current one has a couple of chips on the side of the screen from dropping it, bouncing off my foot and landing on the floor from 6in.

  • Singh

    Holy crap… some ppl are warped