iPhone XS and XS Max – Three pricing

The iPhone XS (left) and the XS Max (right)

So, you’ve read my rather barbed comments about the iPhone XS and the XS Max, but you still want to hand over your cash. That’s cool. How about you give it to Three?

They’ve got the iPhone XS up for £54 on a 4GB plan or £59 with an All You Can Eat offering (£99 up front). They’re also giving you free Beats headphones or Apple Airpods with some deals. The Max is available for £59 and £64 per month respectively for the 4GB and AYCE plans. Both of these prices are for the 64GB models because, well, it will be more expensive for the bigger capacity devices.

Head to Three.co.uk for all the details, but as this is Three you get the Go Roam and the Go Binge

First, the iPhone XS…

And the pricing on the iPhone XS Max..