Another dashcam special

You’ve probably seen our recent coverage of dashcams such as the Zeepin, the Thinkware F800 and the tiny Conbrov one which we grabbed footage from but today….

..well today there’s yet another reason for getting one..

Insurance scams.

Usually these will consist of a couple of cars closely following each other and then the guy in front does something nuts. Here’s one example (posted by an insurance company!), here’s another, and another and here’s one more. All of these were foiled thanks to the dashcam sat in the car.

One more has popped up today, and it’s a bit special, or the person involved is. Either way. Check this out..

There was also the time when I virtually got rammed off the road and ended up being so keen to capture it that I accidentally turned off the recording but, in all honesty, these clips show why that silent witness sitting behind your mirror is a really good idea.