So, you want a dashcam, but you don’t want the bulk?

The kind gents at Conbrov sent us a dashcam just recently.

Now I’ll admit, it sat in the box for a few days and I didn’t really take a great deal of notice. After all, our “review cupboard” is always bulging. However, today I actually got time to unbox it and, well, it’s a bit of a shock.

Tiny? I’ll say so. It’s about half the size of a credit card and, for just £39.99, it’s really quite cheap. Sure, there’s a slightly smaller LCD screen too, but when you stick this behind your mirror you’ll be hard pushed to know it’s there. And that, let’s admit, is what we really want – it should just sit there recording without you knowing.

The specs are decent too. It’ll do full 1080p HD footage which loops (by default) every 3 minutes. You can alter this up and down as I’ll show you in a moment on video. Setup, although I’ve not done that bit fully yet (review to come) is simple enough – the mounting bracket sucks to your windscreen and you then slot it in. Likewise, the menu system and actually navigating it is straightforwards too. Connect the long charge cable (microUSB) and it’ll record when powered up. You can then watch footage back or remove your microSD card (not supplied) and view on your phone / laptop.

Any accidents or sudden braking will be saved thanks to the G-sensor and there’s a 12-month warranty. Did I mention how small the thing was?! 🙂 Head to the Amazon listing for more info. It’s £39.99 and seems to be pretty highly rated.

I’m in the middle of fixing it to my windscreen / windshield right now, so I’ll come back shortly with a full review. However, until then, here’s my unboxing 🙂