Microsoft hike Surface prices and blames Brexit vote

Following the Brexit vote last year, it appears that Microsoft has jumped on the “Let’s hike the prices in the UK and blame Brexit bandwagon“. It always intrigued me that in the past when we had a strong pound, we had the 1 dollar = 1 pound pricing. Now we have “Well, it’s because of Brexit”.

This all started last July with OnePlus increasing the price Of the OnePlus 3. This was followed by HTC increasing prices in August and Apple in September, and Sonos confirming a 25% increase from Thursday. For more information, check the links above where we previously covered this.

Now Microsoft

Now according to Microsoft’s online store, you can expect to pay at least £150 more for a Surface Book. Not to be outdone, the top of the line Core i7 configuration has risen by a whopping £400. That took the premier product from £2,649 to £3,049. That equates to a 15% price increase. This increase isn’t just for the flagship Surface Book: the Surface Pro 4 price also increases by up to £150, depending on configuration.

Whats your thoughts on this? Is this a legitimate price increase, or a chance to use a political vote to increase prices above what they should be via normal exchange rates?

source: Microsoft