EU Shock-free roaming now just months away. But..

EU Shock free roaming now just months away. But..
Let’s put aside the “Trump” business and all the #Brexit news shall we? I’m here to tell you that being part of Europe is a good thing.. for your phone bill. Whilst we in the UK are part of it, roaming charges are no longer a problem.

From June 15th this year it won’t cost you any more to use your phone, no matter where you are in Europe. It had a bit of a false start, but concerns from operators have now been addressed and Andrus Ansip, the Vice-President for the EU’s Digital Single Market has stated that the “the last piece of the puzzle” had been solved.

If you’re travelling within the EU then you’ll be able to use your phone exactly as you do at home without any nasty surprises. Texts, calls, and even internet access will all be “like home”.

However, with Britain choosing to exit the EU, it could only last a few years whilst EU law applies here. Unless the UK operators or the Government choose to continue with the deal, we could end up paying a premium again. So make the most of it as we could be back to selecting certain operators (like Three) who offer this sort of protection when you’re using the phone abroad.