No Headphone Jack for the New iPhone

3.5mm headphone jacks. They’re a standard, right? Well, as we saw earlier, it definitely looks like Apple are going to be doing away with it when they announce their new revolutionary handsets next week.

After this post showing a new iPhone 7 cover earlier in the week I’ve been doing some walking around and speaking to people here at IFA (as you do). All signs seem to point at a lack of 3.5mm headphone jack in the next device announced by the fruity brand. Looking at cases which are purportedly for the iPhone 7, like some of the new Stil ones, or speaking to lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter makers I’m pretty confident of this now.

Maybe it’s a subject best left for discussion on the podcast, or maybe you would like to discuss it in the comments. Maybe John has some strong feelings about this, maybe not. Maybe it is all an elaborate troll from the forces that be. Either way, we’ll find out next week when Apple make their announcement. It would be funny if Apple decided to tell the world they were the first company to be brave enough to do this, because Motorola already have…

Let us know what you think of our expectations for the iPhone 7 3.5mm headphone jack in the comments.