MWC – What’s in my bag – Gears

Short version. I’ve been doing this for a good amount of years now and I’ve developed my own way of covering live events. Also, after cycling over the pennines and from London to Paris with nothing more than a backpack, you learn to “go light”.

So, here’s my kit.

– The the iClever 6-port USB charger, which is just out of shot, is supplying the power for all the gadgets you see before you. This’ll easily charge everything and it’s tiny too, so all good.

– My Samsung XE550X22 Chromebook. It’s battered, but it’s lightweight, fast and lasts for ages on battery. Brilliant for blogging.

MWC   Whats in my bag   Gears

– The iRig Mic HD from IK Multimedia. This is great when used with a smartphone as it’ll mean that you guys can actually hear the people demo’ing the kit, rather than the loud background noise from around the stands.

– An LG G4… actually I’ve got two of these.

– An iPhone. Yes, an iPhone. Don’t look at me like that will you?

– Beer, water, snacks and chewing gum. You’ve always got to have chewing gum. 🙂