OPPO N-Lens Android Camera confirmed

OPPO N Lens Android Camera confirmed

OPPO are getting a lot of press for their excellent phones recently, but it seems the Chinese manufacturer has set its sites on adding an Android camera to its offerings.

We recently reported that there was an unsubstantiated leak regarding OPPO developing a camera competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Camera (and now the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom). At the time there was quite a bit of doubt about the credibility of the source of the rumour, but all has to be forgiven now because OPPO have confirmed it to be true.

That’s all we really know for certain for now though. The other rumours say that it’ll be Android based, with a low light “owl image processor”, innovative design and apps for creativity.

As an owner of an OPPO Find 5 I can say that its camera is very disappointing in low light conditions, so hopefully any developments used to make this point-and-shooter will trickle through to the next generation of OPPO devices, such as the Find 7.

Source – Engadget