Touch-based Ubuntu arriving tomorrow?

Ubuntu, for those who aren’t aware, is a Linux OS based on Debian. It’s free, open source and has a desktop UI. It’s got quite a following and has breathed life into a range of netbooks and PC’s. However, with smartphones now having specs equal to advanced PC’s from just a short while ago, the Ubuntu crew are looking to put a touch-screen version of the OS into Android devices.

Currently we’re not totally sure whether the countdown timer on applies to the new Ubuntu for Android, but we’re guessing that this is indeed what you’ll be seeing arrive tomorrow.

Touch based Ubuntu arriving tomorrow?

A video on the site details how the mobile Ubuntu OS will operate. It basically acts like the Motorola Atrix, and effectively turns your smartphone into a mobile computer. When you’re out you can interact with it just like a phone, but when you arrive at work or back home you can plug it into a dock and have the phone output and connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse…

At the other end of the market it’ll mean low-cost computing based on the power of existing Android devices that are already out there. If you’re looking for something similar, the OUYA Console we showed you yesterday is just a tiny motherboard coupled with some connectors – it’s a tiny and low-cost games console.

We’ll let you know more on this tomorrow.

Link – Ubuntu for Android