Sky Go not coming to Windows Phone any time soon

Sky Go not coming to Windows Phone any time soonOn Friday you may have read this story about the availability of iPlayer on Windows Phone. A spokesperson also told them that Sky Go, which is already available for Android and iPhone, wouldn’t be available “for a good few months”.

We’ve since heard from a a reliable source who tells us that “a good few months” could be a considerable understatement, and it’s rumoured that Sky haven’t even started work on the platform as yet. To make matters worse, we’ve also heard this afternoon that the BBC iPlayer app isn’t coming to Windows Phone any time soon.

It looks as if those quotes from Nokia were more hopes and aspirations, rather than reality.

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  • Moo Moo Head

    Good, if they launched a WP7 version I would not be happy, it is not even on most Android handsets yet, which is the biggest OS in the UK, so if they launched for WP8 I would be like WTF? I guess they will wait for WP8 since it can be related back to W8 for the same app architecture?