Sky Go for Android extends handset support

Dave Dibble has sent us a quick update on the Sky Go for Android app. It launched fairly recently but there were only certain handsets that it would work on.

Well, since then Sky have posted this update on their site..

UPDATE — Sky Go app now available on the HTC Sensation XE

23 February 2012

Earlier this week, we launched Sky Go on Android across a selection of the most popular Android handsets.

And today we’ve just extended our roll out of the app to the HTC Sensation XE and Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100P).

This is a little strange as we already had it working on a Galaxy S2 but do let us know if it’s helped you.

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Sky Go for Android extends handset support

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  • Dibbs
  • Odd as an S2 owner and as a TAB owner….. annoying

  • Anonymous

    And Why no Motorla’s.

  • Patch

    is it just me or dose sky not look like they are bothered about android ?????

    • Nah – like most companies they think iOS first for the masses…. in the UK I think the stats show its Android but hey hum….

      • GO Fan

        I think that it’s good that they are doing it this way, with iOS it’s only 2 devices, Android it’s 100’s of variations to get right… I’d rather them drip feed than take forever!

        • Patch

          but this is what im starting to not like… if other companys do the same route as sky they will always choose IOS first.

          I think its time Android looked hard at this. I came from the iphone 4 to a samsung s2 which i love but with doing this i see the pros and cons between each device.

          at the moment i do see myself going back to IOS when my contract runs out august due to the fact of a 24 month contract these days and the cost involed ..

          just my opion tho..

  • Dave

    The i9100P is a later variant of the SGS2 which, curiously, the first version of the Sky Go app did not support.