Android 2.3 coming to the X10 from August

There were some early delays and to updates on the X10 devices last year but, following an announcement last month, Android 2.3 updates are set to roll from August. The “generic” devices (those which aren’t direct from a network / carrier) will be first with others to follow shortly after. A statement on the Sony Ericsson Product Blog reads..

First of all – we’ve seen your feedback about losing some of the camera features of the original Xperia X10. Our developers have been working on it and I can now confirm that also the Gingerbread version of the X10 software will keep the original camera UI as in the Éclair version. I can also confirm that the new Facebook inside XperiaTM functionality introduced in the 2011 Xperia products will also be in the Xperia X10.

We took a look at Facebook inside functionality back in May and you can see a video of it in action here.

The X10 won’t be getting DLNA unfortunately, and there’s still no news of further updates for the X10 mini, mini pro or X8 but X10 users can look forward to enjoying these extra features very soon indeed.

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Link – Sony Ericsson Product Blog