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Motorola Atrix Review

This is a weird one to get your head around. We’re used to seeing smartphones here. They fly across the desk and have the usual things. A touch screen, a fast processor, a slick OS, a good camera, GPS, etc. Here though, we have a few additions. A …

Motorola Atrix – The whole kit, on test

We saw the rather lovely Motorola Atrix back at Mobile World Congress and had a great demo of how it worked. We’ve now had all the kit delivered to see how it works and the result is this quick video. We’ll have more later in the week..

Motorola ATRIX deals on Orange

The Motorola ATRIX went on sale just a few days ago and we’ve already detailed the pricing but, just to give you a nice graphic showing you the prices for this device, here’s a snap from the Orange launch site. As you can see, if you’re after the …

2GHz Motorola Atrix coming to Orange soon

I must bow my head in shame at this point. I’ve spent so long website tweaking that this particalar item has passed me by. Motorola Mobility, as the new mobile arm of the company is now known, have just announced the Motorola ATRIX – a dual-core CPU phone …