Motorola ATRIX deals on Orange

The Motorola ATRIX went on sale just a few days ago and we’ve already detailed the pricing but, just to give you a nice graphic showing you the prices for this device, here’s a snap from the Orange launch site. As you can see, if you’re after the Lap Dock you’ll still shell out £299.99, but the “Work and Play” kit (remote control, mouse, HD multimedia dock and keyboard) and the phone itself is available free on the £40 per month plans shown below.

Motorola ATRIX deals on Orange

We usually link to our video demo at this point, but we think it’s perhaps time for Conor at Orange to show his stuff :)

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Let us know if you’ve got an ATRIX and what you think of it so far.

Link – Motorola ATRIX (

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  • Alsford

    There seems to be some confusion in Orange shops about what you actually get bundled with the Atrix. I upgraded on a £35 tariff and was first told that the phone was free but the Work & Play Kit would cost me £50. When I got to the till there was a bit of a conference with the manager and some careful scrutinising of their database and I was told the Work & Play Kit was free on the £35 Panther contract. Happy days! (They also initially told me the Lapdock would be £50, sadly they found out that that wasn’t so pretty quickly!) – Lovely phone, very happy with it so far.

    • Anonymous

      Good to hear, I’ve been considering this myself :)

  • andyf

    Picked mine up last week as an upgrade from my HTC Hero. I got it for free on a £15/month deal with 400 minutes, unlimited texts and 1gb of data, it also came with the HD dock etc. So far I’m very impressed. Its very quick and stable. Motoblur isn’t as slick as Sense, but it’s nowhere near as bad as some people suggest. The web browsing is very quick, and flash has so far run perfectly and loads very quickly. The webtop firefox browser works well, though isn’t as quick as a dedicated PC.

    • Anonymous

      Andy, that’s an epic deal for £15 per month !

      • andyf

        I originally called for my PAC code, as i was going to get the LG O2X, but when they offered my the Atrix for that price I couldn’t turn it down. I had to sign up for 24months though. I’d definitely recommend the Atrix, very impressed so far.

  • WJP

    Its the dogs bollox – Revolution of mobile computing!!

  • Jeremy

    Only problem I have found with it so far is that contacts will not sync with my corporate exchange server. Think this is a known issue!. Pity as the Laptop dock is amazing. It’s going back to Orange coz of the contacts issue I’m afraid! 

  • Order one today on orange business £24 per month plus VAT Free Handset 24 month 900 anytime minutes 250 texts 750mb data a good deal I may say so Got through asking to leave orange been a customer 10 years all I can say its do your ground work with comparitive deals on the web I had to push 3 calls before I got one