2GHz Motorola Atrix coming to Orange soon

2GHz Motorola Atrix coming to Orange soonI must bow my head in shame at this point. I’ve spent so long website tweaking that this particalar item has passed me by. Motorola Mobility, as the new mobile arm of the company is now known, have just announced the Motorola ATRIX – a dual-core CPU phone with each core running a 1GHz. Now, it doesn’t take the greatest mathematician in the world to work out that this is going to very speedy indeed. Chucking out 2GHz of processing power and packing 1GB of RAM, it’s slated to be the “world’s most powerful smartphone”.

Inside there’s Android 2.2 and a 4″ qHD (Quarter HD 960×540) 24-bit colour display underneath Corning Gorilla Glass, 48GB of storage (16GB internal and 32GB microSD), a fingerprint reader, two microphones for noise reduction and a long-lasting 1930mAh battery. Other specs include the 3.5mm audio port, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, 5 Megapixel camera at the back with flash (with HD video recording), a VGA camera up front for video calls. GPS, Adobe Flash Player and the usual light and proximity sensors.

Motorola are also promoting a Motorola HD Multimedia Dock with three USB ports, a HDMI port and keyboard, mouse and speaker connections. There’s also a Motorola Laptop Dock which packs a 11.6″ screen, 36Wh three-cell battery for eight hours of battery life, full keyboard and speakers. Weighing in at just 1.1Kg you slot your Motorola ATRIX into the back.

Orange UK customers can expect the device in Q2 of 2011.

Link – Motorola.comAtrix Fact Sheet
Credit – Paul Sleight

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  • Simon

    a dual core 1 ghz cpu doesn’t nesseseraly equal a 2ghz cpu, u will be able to multytask much faster but u won’t be able to do a task faster than 1ghz , its the same logic with a pc cpu

  • I agree with Simon, you’d be better changing the title to read Dual Core instead of 2Ghz otherwise it reads like a bay eBay advert “8Ghz PC for sale” when if fact its a 2Ghz Quad Core…..

  • Woolly

    Looks fantastic spec, shame its a Motorola! Will NEVER buy a piece of their cr^p again. Underdeveloped and unsupported. Lesson learnt!

    • Chimpaudio

      They seem to come out with the new ideas like the Defy, Atrix and bionic. Just a shame how they treat their customers. I too will never get another Moto product again, they’ll never seduce me again!

  • Best phone spec wise but wouldnt dream of buying it. Motorola are slow to release updates in anywhere except the USA. And motoblur is mostly terrible and eats alot of memory.

  • also why bother release it on froyo instead of gingerbread…. and they lock down the phones to try and prevent roming etc. I’ll be avoiding moto like a plague.