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The new HTC One leaks again, this time in official-looking picture

It’s another one from serial-leaker @evleaks and adds a small amount of extra detail to leaks we’ve already seen. This image of the HTC One 2, HTC Two or the “New HTC One” (depending what you choose to believe naming-wise) shows the handset in gold.. We’re now

HTC M8 reappears as the HTC One 2? More pictures to drool over

We’re seeing a little more of the HTC One successor every day. What we’re not seeing though, is a launch event. Still no news about what HTC are doing at Mobile World Congress, even though it’s looking like this will be their new device and it’ll probably

HTC M8 – More blurry-leaks

Another day, another leak. That HTC M8, which looks a lot like the HTC One, has appeared once more and it seems that it was indeed an additional camera we saw ealier. This up-close super-blurry shot shows the additional camera, which we assume is either designed to