Vodafone offering up the HTC One mini for just £160

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Szuting Chao has given us an email because he’s seen the HTC One mini available on Pay As You Go with Vodafone for just £160.

Yep, £160. That’s half the normal price at Voda, but it’s for this beautifully rainy weekend only. We already knew that Vodafone were selling smartphone cheap but this is a rather hot deal.


Now, we’re a little confused here. The picture on the listing, as you can see above, is of the original HTC One mini (with the Beats technology and the 4.3″ screen) but the specs on the bottom of the listing show it as having a 4.65″ screen, which is close(sih) to the HTC One mini 2 screen size.


We think they’ve fluffed up and this is in fact the older HTC One mini that we reviewed here. It’s not the new HTC One mini 2. Confused yet? :)

Either way, if you do go into a Vodafone store and find the HTC One mini 2 for £160 (which you shouldn’t, because they don’t carry it yet as far as we know), bite their hand off.

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