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Vodafone to dish out two cinema tickets for £7

Anyone remember Orange Wednesdays? It was a hugely successful benefit that Orange ran back in the day. From memory you got a code which you showed to the guy in the cinema and then – boom – you’d get two tickets for the price of one. Nowadays we’re …

Buy a Samsung, get yourself some free Festival Tickets!

I got me an email from Samsung! Yes!! This has to be the Samsung Galaxy S9 launch invite. Ah no wait, it’s not. Instead it’s a new special offer from Samsung and Mobile Phones Direct. If you buy a Galaxy S8, an S8+ or a Galaxy Note8, you …

T-Mobile are up to their tricks again

Damn them and their successful viral and TV ad campaigns. 😉 This new ad is rather good. I kinda wish I’d parked on a street somewhere last week..