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The life of a fanboi – part 2!

Further to Leigh’s earlier post¬†there is now a second edition of this hilarious sketch. One to bring out next week when the iPhone debates rage in offices across the land! Enjoy..

What will the new iPhone have? This guy knows.

As the speculation around Apple’s new iPhone accelerates towards hysteric levels, you could go crazy trying to keep up with all the rumours and leaks. So here’s some light relief for us all, with Dilbert’s take on matters. Source: Dilbert

App Holes episode 2 and 3 are out.

Can you remember the other week?¬† I posted a new web video series based at a software developers workplace. It’s a comedy and I’ve been on holiday since then and missed the opportunity to remind you that episode two and three are now available to watch. It’s shaping …

Go behind the scenes with Samuria Software

Tyler Moore starts his new job programming smartphone apps at Samurai Software under Gene Diblasko, and things get weird. This is the brief bio for a new web series titled App Holes which centres around the developers of third-rate smartphone applications, the sort of apps that are popular …