Trump Twitter storm continues

Yesterday Donald Trump threw his toys out of the pram and signed an executive order aimed at removing some of the legal protections given to social media platforms.

It came after Twitter highlighted that his tweet on mail-in voting might, like many of his other tweets, be complete rubbish.

Today, things have cranked up a notch as the President threatened to shoot looters in the increasing unrest happening in Minneapolis.

Sigh… seriously. What planet is this? When the leader of a country threatens to shoot the very people living in that country? Imagine Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron or even slightly-bonkers Boris Johnson going on Twitter and saying that residents are to be shot.

Anyhow, the protests in Minneapolis have been running for three nights now and a police station was set on fire last night. It comes after a police officer knelt on the neck of an unarmed black man during an arrest, causing him to die. The incident has added to longstanding anger over police killings of black Americans.

Twitter has now hidden the tweet from the President which calls for locals to be shot. They state that it “glorifies violence”. Which, to be honest, it does.

We’ll no doubt find that President Donald Trump will wake up and make an honest apology on his Chinese-made iPhone via Twitter for his outlandish comments. Either that or he’ll make some more insane and childish ramblings, no doubt threatening Twitter with having the audacity to try and police his rapidly diminishing mental stability.