Donald Trump uses Twitter to attack Twitter

Following the revelation that he’s taking the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine, and after calling nearly every verifiable fact a “hoax”, man-baby Donald Trump has now threatened to close down social media platforms.

It came after Twitter dared to question the accuracy of the raging orange mentalist, as shown below…

Twitter has to be careful with tweets from prominent figures – especially where large votes or referendums are concerned. During the Brexit campaign, several promoted tweets suggested questionable benefits.

In the midst of 100,000 Americans coronavirus deaths, Trump has instead spent his time and energy posting block-capital screaming tweets of “TRANSITION TO GREATNESS!” and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

He’s also decided to retaliate against Twitter via a tweet, on … err… Twitter.

He sees proven facts as lies or fake-news, and Twitter has plugged a massive amplifier into his continually bonkers opinions.

This comes after other messages, in which he blames “Mainstream Media” for “Fake News” and says that social media is under the “command and control” of the “Radical left”.

Basically, you must believe everything Trump says and you must ignore everything else you see and read.

Trump also stated that Twitter was “stifling free speech”, despite the platform being a private company. Twitter are well within their rights to remove, adjust or police as they see fit. It’s just like an old-school forum.

Either way, it looks like Grumpy Trump is pushing the blame for any massive future defeat towards mail-in votes and “fake news” or “the left controlled social media platforms”. Or the coronavirus. Or Mexicans. Or China. Or the weather.

The shouty man has again, without evidence, accused social media platforms of bias. He is now due to sign an Executive Order to “deal” with them, although it’s unclear what exactly he will or can do at this stage…