Newton Mail to return from the ashes

Back in December 2016, I reviewed a unified e-mail solution called Newton Mail, and for me Newton Mail was just perfect. You see, my current email solution is in a right mess. I’ve got three email accounts all syncing to my devices. Two are Gmail based, and one is Yahoo based. I’ve got emails from years ago all over the place.

Newton Mail finally sorted out my mess of emails, and I really enjoy using it, I did e-mail the developer to request some app features i.e fingerprint locking on Android and Google Drive/Keep integration, and I got very quick and positive responses, which is always reassuring.

Newton Mail was a subscription-based product but for less than £1 a week I thought that it was well worth it, especially if you’re juggling multiple e-mail accounts or you receive numerous e-mails throughout the day. But then 2 years later, despite winning several design awards and declared by respected publications as being “the best e-mail” app, Newton closed down.

Now I have been contacted by the founders of Newton Mail to say that the email solution is about to return, following them acquiring Newton assets from Andy Rubin’s Essentials Inc. Part of the re-launch includes..

1) Contingency plan – If something happens to us or our business we will open-source the applications and pass on the development to the community. Ensuring users are not left stranded.
2) Better privacy policy – Immediate quick changes to protect users’ data better. In the long run, changing how Newton works inherently to ensure GDPR compliance and better privacy.
3) Discounts and referral program – To thank the users, we are giving existing users 4 months of free extension and returning users a 25% discount.
4) Better business practices – Change how Newton operated and make it community-driven. Meaning, a transparent development process of the product. Increased support where users have direct access to owners and CEO.
Were you a Newton user? Are you prepared to go back to Newton Mail? I for one, am delighted to see one of my favourite solutions returning. Let us know in the comments below.