Sky – Yes, you can now pause your Sky Sports subscription

After a raft of criticism, Sky appear to have changed their tune slightly. Before, despite not being able to deliver the expected live football, golf, rugby and other sports events, they were refusing to refund those who had paid the additional Sky Sports subscription.

This, though, is something that is happening across the industry – not just with TV. As an example, people who can’t get to the gym right now due to coronavirus are seeking to get refunds or, at the very least, pause their payment. After all, if you’re not getting what you’re paying for, you’re going to ask for some sort of compensation or a suspension in payments.

Today it looks like Sky have done the latter, and are now allowing Sky Sports customers to pause their package during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sky say that channels will still be available, despite there being no live action. However, you won’t need to pay for those repeats and highlights shows now.

We’ve covered the recent Sky price increases along with our quest to leave Sky or at least get a cheaper Sky deal, so have a look at the other coverage below or head to to pause yours.

We’re waiting to hear from BT Sport, however at the moment they’re only stating that “customers on our new flexible TV package can pause their Sport subscription and switch to a different pack should they wish”.