New research shows a shift in mobile habits

Research from Clas Ohlson has today revealed the extent of excessive mobile phone usage here in the UK. It reinforces the suspicions that many of us will probably already be aware of, with the findings showing the damage that can be done if you’re using you phone too much.

It may come as a surprise to many that it’s not gambling or online casino use either, as this is usually a fun pastime provided you stop when that fun stops. You can head to gambling sites like and even find out the best place to play.

Instead it’s the normal apps, social media updates and messaging that causes the problems, with almost half (47%) of Brits saying that loved ones’ excessive phone usage affects their relationship with them.

In other findings, the survey found that a smartphone is becoming more of an attraction than their own partner, with 41% in relationships choosing to spend time in bed with their phone than with their partner.

The habit starts early too, with over half (53%) of parents admitting to regularly keeping their children occupied with phones.

Whilst it’s now become less shocking to hear stats like this, the increase in technology and the possibility of ultra-mobile VR headsets giving a “Ready Player One”-style world, it’s yet further confirmation that we’re becoming disconnected with the real world. Clas Ohlson has released the research as part of its ‘A Better Home’ campaign, which aims to champion spending quality time in the home with family and friends

It comes as their research revealed that 52% of Brits have become “disconnected from the real world” and “unaware of their surroundings” when on their phone.

Like it or not, the smartphone is becoming more and more popular, with people becoming even more deeply involved and hooked on a daily basis.