Swytch electric bike swapping kit achieves huge sales

Remember our story on the eBike conversion kit? It’s basically an Indiegogo project which delivers the bits you need to easily switch a normal push bike into an electric one.

The guys tell me that the kit will go on general sale in April next year and prices will start at £650, which is $799. However, you can get a stonking 40% discount if you buy through their Indigogo pages.

Whilst the final retail prices might seem a bit high, it’s worth remembering that this kit can go onto any existing bike, and there’s a definite interest in this – $1,000,000 in sales has been achieve just 30 days after launching.

The kit consists of a lightweight motorised wheel and a compact power pack that slides onto handlebars. The total added weight is just 3KG, and the power pack fits into the palm of your hand, making this new system the smallest and lightest in the world.

Here in the EU it’ll propel you to the legal limit of 15.5mph (EU), but you can hit 20mph in the USA. The 250W power-assist should keep you going for around 31 miles.

Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch Technology, tells us..

t has been a really exciting launch month, we are passionate about developing sustainable transport solutions that are fun to use. What is really interesting is that eBike technology is appealing to people of all ages and cycling abilities. We have seen older people purchasing the kit to help them reconnect with a sport they no longer thought they could enjoy, as well as being extremely popular with commuters and your average bike fanatics. Electric Bike technology like ours is really disrupting the electric transport industry, people are loving the freedom of choice they have in what transport methods they want to use.

Get more information on www.swytchbike.com.