5G Coming to VOXI too

The “youth” network that also takes the young at heart has announced that they’ll be delivering 5G to customers right now.

The operator, which runs and is owned by Vodafone, had announced that contract-free 5G plans are now available. In addition, Vodafone are to deliver 5G to their Pay As You Go customers soon enough too.

The new VOXI offering will also include unlimited data, so no need to worry about your usage.

We’ve previously done some real world 5G tests but, when you get a decent signal and the coverage has grown, you’ll be getting speeds which are up to ten times faster than the existing 4G speeds.

The new VOXI “Endless Data plan” will launch with an introductory price at £30 until February 2020 with the standard price being £35. The network isn’t charging a premium to have 5G and, by using Vodafone’s 5G service, you’ll be getting it in more places than any other operator – 30 towns and cities in the UK are currently live.

VOXI 5G will launch with three 5G phones – the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Huawei Mate 20X 5G and the new Samsung A90 5G starting. Prices start from £23 per month and £53 per month for the new 5G unlimited data plan. There’s no upfront cost, no mobile contract and flexible payment instalments via PayPal Credit.

VOXI has plans which let you use selected social apps and websites as much as you like, without eating into your general data allowance. Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Vyber.