Join VOXI – Even if you’re over 30!

OK, sitrep. Vodafone launched a virtual network called VOXI but you had to be younger than 26 to get one of their SIMs. Then, a little while later, you could get a SIM if you were under 30. They then added a stack of freebies and started selling smartphones with 0% interest.

Over 30? You can get VOXI too

Now? Now they’ve got rid of that “under 30” rule completely. Everyone can choose a SIM or a phone!

Perhaps the key selling point about VOXI is the fact that social media is included. So, you can get their £10 per-month SIM and get endless social media plus 6GB for everything else. Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Viber are included in the “social media” category. Plus, if you want more, you can pay for either a Music or Video Pass to give you unlimited inclusive streaming on sites like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube and so on. It all means that you can enjoy more of what you like without having to constantly think about the data usage.

Other plans include 15GB for £15 per month and 45GB for £20 per month. All on the powerful Vodafone network and all with unlimited calls and texts. Plus you can use your mobile across the EU while as I type. No contracts and you can cancel at any time. Sounds like a deal to me. Head to for the details.