Go mobile with your PS4 and Xbox. The Buddah Tek Rover 1.

OK, check this out. Sure, we’ve got phones that can play high-end games now, but if you want to walk around with your PS4 or Xbox and literally play your favourite console on the go, this new Rover 1 Personal Gaming Station is the thing.

It fits inside an R1 Messenger Bag, which is also available from the same Buddah Tek people and soon from Selfridges too. Inside there’s a short HDMI cable, a dual USB power cable and a 5V universal power supply. Not only that, but there’s 3 watt sub-woofer speakers, dual 3.5mm audio jacks for enjoying the games without disturbing others and also Bluetooth 4.2 so you can pipe your music into the device.

Oh, and let’s not forget the 13.3″ FHD 1920 x 1080p 60 Hz Anti-glare widescreen monitor on top. Just slot your Xbox or PS4 in and off you go.


Now, I’m a little unsure how this gets power. I assume you still need to plug your console into the mains (the console then powers the screen), but you could perhaps use the Novoo portable charger with a mains outlet on it. Remember that? We got a TV working on it …

Anyways. The R1 Messeger Bag and the Rover 1 can be bought together for $399 and will probably sell for around £399 in Selfridges. More as we get it but a pretty cool idea methinks 🙂

Update – Yes, it does need to be plugged in. The power from your PS4 will then charge the screen.