Mate30 and Mate30 Pro images leak ahead of Munich launch

We’re all ready for the launch of the new Huawei Mate 30 on Thursday but one thing that probably won’t be is those Google Apps.

As you might know if you’re a regular here, upcoming Huawei phones can’t have those all-important apps. Sure, the ones in the shops now are fine, the ones in your pockets are fine, but Mr Trump has had a bit of a melt-down and won’t let Google work with Huawei on these unreleased phones. That means you WILL get Android but you WON’T get YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive and all the other tools. At least not pre-baked..

We listened in Berlin to the recent P30 Pro demo but Huawei didn’t mention anything about their plans.

Me personally? I think they’ve got two options. Either they launch without the apps at all, which would be a bit mad, or they put some sort of automated installer tool on. In my head I’d say that it would be wise just to have an installer which you fire up after setting up the phone to pull down the relevant APK’s, but let’s see.

So, anyhow, ahead of the Mate 30 launch, there’s this leak from evleaks. First, we have shots of the Mate30 in Space Silver, Cosmic Purple, Black, and Emerald Green ..

And next there’s the Mate30 Pro in the same colours. As we guessed in the earlier article, all the lenses appear to be hidden in one large round bezel.

More on this on Thursday, when we’ll finally have details about those apps! We’ll be live in Munich, so do join us then (and don’t forget that we’re on Twitter too).