eFOLDi mobility scooter goes on a diet

A few years ago we took a look at this, the eFOLDi. It’s a fully functioning scooter that folds into a suitcase and a chair.

Now things have got even better. It’s lighter (15kg, making it one of the lightest on the marker) and has new features. This is aimed at users with restricted mobility, but can be used by anyone.

Whilst the current eFOLDi continues to be available, they’ve started a Kickstarter project for the new eFOLDi Lite. It features a 180W high-torque hub motor, Panasonic Li-ion battery bank (the same as a Tesla) and it’ll scoot along at up to 4 mph (6 km/h) for 14 miles (22 km) on a full charge.

There’s a tight turning circle (just a meter) and a light magnesium alloy body which can cope with up to 120 kg (260 lb). The battery bank and rear wheels are removable, making the unit even lighter – just 12 kg.

For transporting this around, you can fold it down to 62 x 53 x 31 cm and it’s really easy to unfold thanks to a single latch release.

Head to Kickstarter for more information.