Review – ROIDMI NEX Storm. More power, easier to use and a mop too!

Remember our review of the high-powered lightweight ROIDMI F8 vacuum cleaner ? We reviewed it in two parts, here and here. It’s available to buy on available on Amazon UK and Amazon US with a 2500mAH battery, multiple attachments and Bluetooth connectivity. You can use it as a normal vacuum to do carpets, or as a hand-held to clean your car etc.

Now, as we mentioned back in June there’s a new ROIDMI NEX Storm. It’s more expensive, but you can back it on Indiegogo.

This one is more powerful at 435W, it has more suction power, a faster motor and it lasts longer too. It also has a better filtration system than the F8 we reviewed – now there’s a six layer system with “Air-X Dust Separation Technology” to grab more dust than before.

Weighing in at 1.5KG as a hand-held cleaner and 2.6KG as a full-length cleaner, there’s a stack of attachments and a Bluetooth app so that you can see whether the filters need cleaning, how full the battery is and how full your waste compartment is.

But wait… it mops too!

Hang on though, because this particular review is going to be video-based…

In that box you get a floor connector, a soft brush roller, a flat cleaner head, the power adapter, a magnetic wall nount, an extra filter, the main vacuum, a mattress or “mite” brush, a cleaning brush, a dusting brush, the magic mop box, two of those mop pads and instructions.

So, we get three suction settings (instead of two on the F8), we also get a simpler and easier method of emptying out the dust and – after using it for several weeks – I can tell you that it cleans better too. I like the fact that there’s still a very decent suction performance on all three settings – even the lowest setting (which gives you a full 60 minutes of usage).

The battery is actually made up from eight 2,500mAh Samsung cells to give you that full hour of usage. That wireless charging system works very well too and, once you’ve attached the charging plate, it’s just a matter of leaning the device up against it to begin the process. It’s natural too – you just plonk it back in the cupboard you got it from and it’ll charge.

A clean carpet!

ROIDMI is a Huawei company, so you don’t have to worry about no knowing the actual ROIDMI name. There’s also two years warranty and battery replacement service, so you can trust them to keep you cleaning.

Although the price of this might seem high, you’re getting a vacuum, an upholstery cleaner, a car cleaner and a mop all in one. It’s as powerful as a Dyson but costs much less. It also takes less time to recharge.

Whilst I can’t see the mopping action necessarily replacing a full mop, for the daily clean it worked well – I added some floor cleaning fluid in with the water and it did a very decent job.

Although the main device looked and operated a lot like the F8, the ROIDMI NEX Storm really has taken things to the next level.

Get more information on their Indiegogo page or head to