Curve. Reduce your cards to just one, get £5 free and possibly win an iPhone XS Max too!

Hello lovely reader. Heard about Curve? It’s something we’ve mentioned before and I personally use it daily. Love it.

Put simply, it’s a payment card that can imitate your other debit and credit cards. You use an app to switch between them and you can even track business spending so that the diesel you stick in your car or the meal you buy in the hotel is logged separately.

Best of all? Just for using our special referral code below, you get a free £5 to spend. There’s no catches. No strings. You just download the iPhone app or grab the Android version and then enter the code below…

(Romeo Oscar Uniform Bravo 7)

You whack that in, they’ll send you a Curve card, then you simply put your debit and credit card details into the app and choose which one you want your Curve card to use when you pay for stuff. It’s all controlled from your phone and you can see where your money is being spent and when.

Also, there’s and even more good news. Once you make your first purchase with the Curve card, you will be entered in a raffle to win an iPhone XS Max! That’s a bit good isn’t it?

Here’s a nice promo video to show you how it works…