Samsung Galaxy Fold delayed

Last week we told you about the rather poorly Galaxy Fold handsets. Broken hinges, busted displays and a peel-able screen protector that, if removed, breaks the screen.

Now Samsung have pushed back the launch of their new folding device in order to “fully evaluate the feedback and run further internal tests”.

The phone will sell for £1,799 when it eventually becomes available, but several American reviewers found that the device had hardware faults, plus the gap on the hinge seemed to be an open invitation to anything else that happened to be in your pocket.

A new launch date hasn’t been set as yet. Samsung have responded to the issues experienced by the reviewers, stating that “impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge” were a factor and that “substances” were found inside one of the review devices. They’ve also issued further guidance on that protective layer, which – although removable – shouldn’t be.

Here in the UK we were expecting the device to arrive on May 3rd.