Santa flies in, powered by Vodafone

Yes, Santa is about to unload his sack down your chimney. However, there’s also a smaller Vodafone Santa flying around, and he’s powered by 4G!

This is the Santa Drone, and he’s flown via a 4G link. This means that the drone can fly much further than ever before, meaning that both vital time-critical supplies and small presents can also be sent.

In addition, the new 5G network, with a lower latency, means that drones can be used in more heavily populated areas where 5G technology will make the drones more responsive.

Vodafone have tested a twinkling Santa sleigh, dropping festive treats to 75 volunteers watching over the South coast. The 4G network meant that Vodafone could drop off mince pies, chocolate and gingerbread for Christmas.

Scott Petty, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone UK told us..

Technology plays an increasingly important role in connecting people over Christmas. Flying a drone over 4G for the first time gives us a glimpse of what Christmas deliveries of the future might look like. We have been working hard to build a network that now covers 99% of the UK population, and I’m really pleased we’ve been able to use it to support our rural communities this festive season.

Watch a video below…

Great to see Dr Rob from Vodafone again! We spoke to him back in 2015 as part of our tour of Vodafone HQ.