Gearbest prep their Black Friday Deals

For those who aren’t aware, GearBest tends to be the place to go if you want to import a phone or get some clever gadgetry on a budget.

Right now they’re cranking up the hype for their offers over the Black Friday season, with deals starting on phones this Friday.

Two offers that have come to our attention include the recently announced OnePlus 6T, which is being off-loaded for $299.99 (around £233.31) and the Xiaomi Mi 8 that I have in my hand right now for $199.99 (around £155.53). We’ll know more on the little details surrounding these offers (such as how much the delivery is etc) nearer the time, but we can tell you that only the first 10 units per day will be going for this much. Keep an eye on their Black Friday countdown page for further information.

You can also head to their blog for a bit more detail too.