iPhone XS and XS Max on Virgin Mobile – Pricing

Virgin Mobile sit on the EE network, so you’re going to be getting a lot of the benefits as a normal EE customer would. Great network, great speeds, great coverage. Now, you can get those new iPhones on the network too. There’s pre-order pages for both devices and as we mentioned in the feature article on these two devices, they’re going to be in high demand.

Virgin will be offering the iPhone XS from £41 and the iPhone XS Max from £46. No upfront cost on there. Yes, you heard me. No upfront cost. Sure, it’s only 1GB of monthly data, but £41 per month for an iPhone XS is fantastic, isn’t it? You can get 6GB (which is twice as much data as normal) for just £44 per month. Super deal.

COUGH COUGH ..3 year plan though.. COUGH COUGH.

Sorry, did I say something?

If you whack up the monthly price to £50 then you’ll get the XS with 50GB of monthly data. The XS Max will be £55 for the same deal.

COUGH …still 36 months though.. COUGH

Oh and hey, you can get that iPhone X from last year for £43 per month for 15GB of data.

COUGH … again, 3 year deal .. COUGH

Yes, they’re basically lowering the amount you pay each month by locking you into a 36-month contract. However, you can choose instead to do a 24-month plan and all of Virgin Mobile’s plans come with data-rollover, data-free WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as standard.

Virgin Media cable customers also get completely unlimited texts, minutes and data with the “Truly Unlimited” plan.

You can order or upgrade to the iPhone XS here or fool your friends into thinking you’ve got one and actually pay less and get an older iPhone X here (who’d know?!) The iPhone XS Max is ready to buy on this page.