giffgaff iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pricing

The iPhone XS (left) and the XS Max (right)

So, you’ve seen our coverage and you want to know more about where to get the new iPhone handsets.

We’ve already looked at offer from EE but now giffgaff have thrown their hat into the ring with pricing on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max.

I won’t go into the specs and detail of these two phones, because our earlier story has everything you need to know.

All of their pay monthly prices below are based on a 24 month loan with a £25 upfront cost.

giffgaff iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max pricing

Of course, this being giffgaff, the prices above are purely for the handsets, and there’s no airtime included. You can buy the plans / minutes / texts and data within the revamped giffgaff goodybags, which start at just £5 per month and go up to £25.  A £20 goodybag gets you 20GB of data per month (plus unlimited minutes and texts), whilst a £25 get you their ‘Always On” offering, which is 20GB at full tilt followed by 20GB capped at 384kbps from 8am to Midnight.

You can read all about the new goodybag plans here.

For more on the iPhones at giffgaff, head to their website. The network runs on O2 masts and the handsets arrive on Friday, 21st September.