Cheap Three deals for Coolsmartphone readers

Whilst some will dress this up as something it isn’t, I’d rather be honest about it. Last week I had to ask you for money. I really, really don’t like doing this so we’ve had a bit of a think and come up with another way in which we can both win.

Basically, Three have sent us some deals, but if we sign up to their affiliate scheme (which we now have), we get a cut of the commission. This is great because it keeps our lights on, and it’s great for you because the deals we get are actually cheaper.

Not bad eh?

So here’s the thing. If 4GB of data is fine, you can have that on a Three Essential SIM-only 12 month deal for £10, but we can do it for £9 per month. If you want the “Advanced” version (which adds the personal hotspot, streaming and the Feel At Home additions) then it’s normally £13, but our deal is £11 per month.

For more data, check out our handy table below and hit the best deal for you 🙂 The followinig are all “Three Advanced” offers..

Deal Length Normally Our price  Get it!
100GB, AYCE mins & text 12 months £27 £26
12GB, AYCE mins & text 12 months £15 £12
30GB, 600 mins, AYCE text 1 month £30 £20
30GB, AYCE mins & text 12 months £20 £17
8GB, 600 mins, AYCE text 1 month £20 £13
8GB, 600 mins, AYCE text 12 months N/A £12
AYCE, AYCE mins & text 12 months £30 £29


Oh and yes, you DID see that mega deal we tucked away. A massive 30GB of data, 600 mins and unlimited texts. Normally £30 every month, but you can get it here for just £20 !!

Thanks in advance. If you’re not interested, that’s fair enough, but we’re always looking for better deals and if we get any more affiliate-only exclusives, we’ll pass them on.